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I am a board certified Family Physician in Fairfax, Virginia and practice family and aesthetic medicine and also have been a Visiting Assistant Professor in Family Medicine at the University of Virginia School of Medicine since 2009. I treat people of all ages, and deal with medical conditions, weight management, skin conditions and state of the art disease prevention. My goal is to provide high quality, medically proven care. Whether you are a diabetic, need a routine physical, information on how to prevent heart disease or just want smoother, wrinkle free skin, I will take your concerns seriously and give you an honest assessment of what can and should be done.

My philosophy is to treat the whole person, and the whole family. As a family physician, I am trained to meet the health care needs of the entire family regardless of age, sex, or the nature of the illness. I am comfortable treating children, adults and the elderly. I perform routine physicals (including GYN exams), along with treating acute and chronic illnesses.

For the past decade, I have been interested in and practicing aesthetic medicine. I realize there are many options available locally, and have tried to distinguish myself by approaching the cosmetic field as I approach general medicine. I work to provide high quality, medically sound means to improve appearance and reverse aging in the skin.

Another passion of mine is health and wellness. I offer weight loss counseling, and specialized metabolic testing and counseling using Advanced Lipid testing for heart disease prevention. Recognizing that traditional medicine does not solve everyone's ills, I have now also added some functional and integrative medicine to my practice.

If you are looking for a partner in your family’s quest for a healthy life, I would love to be your family doctor.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope to meet you soon!

Announcing Our Affiliation with Privia Medical Group

I am pleased to announce that we have joined together with other top practices in our area to form a new high performance physician group, called Privia Medical Group. This affiliation does not change your experience as a patient in our practice in any way, nor are you required to take any action.

Why have we affiliated our practice with Privia Medical Group?

We believe there is a significant opportunity to come together with other leading medical practices in the Washington DC metro area to improve the coordination and delivery of care for patients. By collaborating on initiatives such as quality management programs and shared technology, we can ensure our patients have seamless access to the best doctors in town.

How does this impact me as a patient?

Your experience as a patient of our practice will not change now that we are a part of Privia Medical Group. Our services, practice location, and office hours do not change. We continue to accept the same insurance plans we do today, and moving forward, you may see the “Privia” name on correspondence from your health plan. The only impact we hope you’ll notice are the improved technologies and expanded resources available to help us better care for you.

Are other top doctors in the area joining Privia Medical Group?

Yes! Many of the leading practices in our community – primary care physicians and specialists – are joining Privia Medical Group. Our collective vision is to be the preeminent medical group of top doctors in the Washington DC metro area, focused on patient-centered care.

We are excited by this opportunity to enhance our ability to care for our patients. We value our relationship with you and look forward to continuing to meet your healthcare needs.


Jasmine Moghissi, MD
9401 Lee Highway, Suite 302
Fairfax, VA 22031
Phone: 703 281 5560
Fax 703 281 5568
Web: http://www.moghissimd.com
Email: thedoc@moghissimd.com

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